The 5th anniversary of FFXIV has passed and another year is gone. I wrote a little last year as well, mostly focused about myself trying to overcome the social anxiety aspect of playing an online game. I wrote it during the time when I decided to open up about that I have an avoidant personality disorder. It was an important text to me since I told openly how playing this game feels to me because of it and how the game and the people I’ve met made it possible to even play FFXIV.

Good thing I grabbed so many banners on last years event 😛

The start of this year was extremely shaky. I had been planning some very important real life things for a long time that just crumbled to dust in a second. This caused a major depression and I took several months break from FFXIV because gaming felt completely meaningless. During this time the other Paranoid (the FFXIV Free Company I’m in) officers as well as some members were and still is a massive support to me. Even though I wasn’t playing they were there everyday listening, contacting me and did their best to help. I can’t tell enough how thankful I am for it. Not just during really bad times either, they’re there to listen and share our, sometimes oddly comical, ups and downs of everyday life.

Officer team 🙂

It’s friends and Paranoid that kept and keeps me playing FFXIV. I recently had a chance to play with some from my old raid group again too, mixed with former Few raid group and Paranoid members. All in one group! It was really fun and I hope we can do it again soon. While I’m on about my old raid group and former Few raid group I heard they’re meeting up again in some months. I think it’s amazing what the raid group has created even when it’s not running anymore. I wish I dared come too, but unfortunately I don’t. I’m secretly hoping they’ll pretend I’m there 😛

I can’t write about another year in FFXIV without mention Wolf. Wolf has been with me through anything and everything in the game since very early 2.x days, so pretty much the whole time. He’s a quiet guy who doesn’t say much, but is silently trying to be there and help out people around him and cheer people up with silly stuff. He’s extremely loyal and rarely asks for anything in return. Because he’s quiet, rarely ask for anything and often tries to take up as little space as possible he tend to be forgotten in a corner by the very people he always is there for. You deserve so much more Wolf, and you deserve a huge thank you.

Wolf in his silver pig costume 🙂