Got around a little late to do the 4th Anniversary event of FFXIV. It’s now been a little over four years since I started this game at the second beta test. So much has happened. I always wanted to play a MMORPG, but never did for two reasons: leveling and grinding, so boring. And playing TOGETHER with others, what a nightmare. It was a wreck that entered Eorzea four years ago. Every time I needed to enter I dungeon instance my hands were shaking badly and I had zaps going through my body everytime the duty started. But I had decided to overcome it.

So here I am now, from shaking wreck to been a raid leader for three years. I even talk in a microphone! I want to thank some people from the FC Few who dragged me around dungeons and put up with the wreck. I want to especially thank my first own raid group, I couldn’t have been a decent raid leader without you and I probably never would’ve started to talk during raids. I know I lost my patience at times, but within the ups and downs it’s been incredible rewarding; not much beats the moment when seeing how the group advances through the content.

The past year in this game I’ve spent in the FC Paranoid, a FC who struggles with similar and worse problems as me, but want to play online anyway. It’s been more focused on raid than I thought, but raid is an important part of the game to me so it’s been fun. Leading groups of extremely sensitive people through end game content is a challenge though, but they’re really getting there one step at a time. Some has even started to be comfortable enough to use their microphones.